Natural Gas

The only proven alternative fuel that can power heavy duty vehicles weighing more than 13 tons. "THE CLEAR ENERGY CHOICE."

EPA Tier 4 Compliant

Elimination of over 90% of toxic emissions (NOx, SOx, particulates). No need for diesel particulate filters, EGR, and urea injection.

Revolutionizing the Diesel Engine

ZHRO is the World's first Diesel-to-Natural Gas conversion with NO loss of Engine Performance.

Initial Markets

ZHRO's Green technologies first markets will be Transport Trucking and Commercial, Freight, and Passenger Locomotives.

Creating a Better Future

The economic opportunity and ease of conversion for machinery operators and truck owners is now obtainable and affordable.

ZHRO’s breakthrough

technology produces Lower Emission's, Increased Efficiency, while Maintaining Full Horsepower & Torque Performance.


Green Trust Solutions is a Canadian company who is a major distributor of the ZHRO Fuel Injector System in Canada.

  • Economy

    Defining the new economic reality by bringing ecologically sound and implementable technologies to market.

  • Environmental

    Economic growth and wealth no longer can come without social responsibility to all life on our planet.

  • Technology

    Technology is the engine of change. Our Technology creates a new paradigm, a new world!

  • Innovation

    Innovated thinking is the central action in the new green economic prosperity. Perceive it... Believe it... Achieve it!

Welcome to Green Trust Solutions!
Your ZHRO Authorized Dealer, Coast to Coast

Green Trust Solutions “GTS” is a privately held Canadian company founded in April 2012 and is now preparing to launch its operations in 2014. Green Trust Solutions Inc. is a dealer of the ZHRO Fuel Injector System in Canada. Within the up and coming Green Technology Category, Green Trust Solutions is perfectly positioned for exponential growth.
pg_familyWe fully expect GTS to become the prominent driver of green within the Canadian transportation industry over the coming years. The ZHRO Fuel Injector System is a Revolutionary Clean Energy Technology for the conversion of Class-4 through Class-8 diesel trucks to run on natural gas (CNG/LNG). The ZHRO Fuel Injector System is a proprietary product that yields the ultimate performance in injector technology and allows you to avoid the expensive purchase of new engines. ZHRO has revolutionized the Diesel Engine, with the World’s First Non-Invasive Diesel to Natural Gas Engine Conversion Retrofit System - With No Loss of Engine Performance. GTS is delivering a sustainable solution that will have significant implications, for people’s individual lives and the health of our planet.

The vision of Green Trust Solutions is to create a company where, from our end consumer the trucker, to the dealers, that customer care (service) is of the upmost importance. No matter at what level we are engaging with you, it will be a seamless empowering experience. Green Trust Solutions is dedicated to building a culture of dependability through uncompromising service.

About Us

Greening the transportation Industry Uncompromising Quality and Service, with measurable results.

Our Services

Bringing to market the first only non-compromise,non-invasive diesel to natural gas engine conversion retrofit system by ZHRO.

Our Works

Building Infrastructure across Canada with Strategic Alliances and Partnerships which will install and deliver the ZHRO Fuel Injector System.

Our Products

The ZHRO Fuel Injector System is a proprietary product yielding the ultimate in engine performance, while reducing transportation and energy costs.

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