About Us

GTS is a dealer of the ZHRO Fuel Injector Systems in Canada.

pg_engineIn 2014 Green Trust Solutions Inc. will officially launch The ZHRO Fuel Injector System, a Revolutionary Clean Energy Technology for the conversion of Class-4 through Class-8 diesel trucks to run on natural gas (CNG/LNG), in Canada. Initially the first conversions will be in Northern Alberta and Northern BC where some of Canada’s harshest climate and driving conditions exist, showcasing our results.

GTS will provide ZHRO Technology to the businesses, industry, and city governments that need to reduce transportation and energy costs, and meet new federal and provincial mandates for air pollution and emissions reduction. As the social consciousness of society and alternative fuel demand rises, we believe that the ZHRO Technology conversion kits, which allow a low-cost conversion of existing transportation and stationary engines, are an integral part of the solution.

pg_truck4The adoption of natural gas as transportation fuel has many benefits. According to the US Department of Energy, compressed natural gas (“CNG”) reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 90.0%, carbon (“CO2”) emissions by 25.0%, and produces no particulate emissions – making it the cleanest commercially available fuel for transportation today. Natural gas reserves in Canada and the United States are abundant, and, based on current consumption, are estimated to last for more than 100 years. Natural gas has been approximately 25.0% to 42.0% cheaper than diesel fuel for over 14 years and natural gas costs, on average, are approximately 33.3% less than conventional gasoline at the pump.

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